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Our Commitment

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We want to encourage agriculture
that is sustainable and sound,
while continuing to raise standards,
taking care of people
and ensuring their well-being.

Responsible Production – Coconuts

Our Coconut Based Yogurt Alternative is an eco-friendly product. Knowing that plant production consumes fewer resources, avoids deforestation, and requires less space, we have developed a product offer whose ingredients are entirely plant-based.

Responding to the main issues surrounding a scarcity of resources and pollution linked to food production, we have taken care to build a partnership with a nearby food processor that is supplied by producers of healthy, sustainable, and fairly grown coconut crops.

Our principal grower-partner is a family-run business that has been in operation since 1920. It follows practices specified in the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). It makes concrete efforts for the community and the environment: regularly ensuring that employees enjoy good working conditions and that no minors are employed, guaranteeing that no primates are used in picking, and, since 2007, working on biomass energy solutions in the renewable energy sector. In addition, the plants are grown in mixed crop zones with other agricultural plants, such as banana and mango trees, thereby preventing deforestation and preserving the fertility of agricultural soils for future generations.

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Maison Riviera is proud to offer its customers products that contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs)—that means no products whose characteristics have been altered through genetic engineering.

This manufacturing criterion is in keeping with our desire to offer increasingly responsible and sustainable products that meet the industry’s highest standards of quality.

More and more of you are concerned with the provenance and quality of the ingredients on your plates, which makes this guarantee of quality one of our most important commitments.

Encouraging a vegan diet

Our Coconut Based Yogurt Alternative was developed to meet the specific needs of vegan consumers. With a goal of making it easier for consumers to get their daily intake of nutrients and protein, we have taken certain aspects of classic yogurt — such as calcium and probiotics — and incorporated them in our products. We have also paid particular attention to the protein content, which is especially high for an entirely plant-based product—3 g per 4.23 oz portion. These benefits are also helpful for consumers with dietary restrictions regarding dairy products and gluten.

Committed to using less sugar

Considering the many adverse health effects of excessive sugar consumption, it’s no surprise to learn that consumers have a real interest in products that are lightly sweetened. True to its values, Maison Riviera felt it had a duty to be a pioneer in this regard by offering products that meet these concerns. Through this initiative, Maison Riviera hopes to encourage all stakeholders in the category to follow suit by reviewing their preparations so as to considerably reduce the amount of sugar used in their products.

2016 Energy Report

Following up on an analysis of the life cycle of our products carried out by an independent consulting firm specializing in organizational responsibility, we targeted certain efforts to be made in the area of energy-saving in our facilities. Recently, even with a 40% increase in sales, we were able to successfully manage growth and reduce our energy costs by 5%.

By investing $700,000 in a cutting-edge filtration system, we also reduced our infrastructures’ pollution load by 45%.

Responsible Packaging

In addition to using vegetable-based inks and ensuring the reduced use of packaging, Maison Riviera encourages the reuse of its glass petits pots by making plastic lids available and promoting the various ways in which the jars can be used. Did you know that by reusing your glass petit pot 20 times—or by giving it a second life—you completely eliminate its pollution load?

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Petit Pot

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